Numerology is the Science of Numbers. According to Numerology numbers not only have quantitative value, they have qualitative value as well. Numerology tells us the relation between numbers and Personality of any human being’s life.It is an ancient metaphysical science that forecasts many life events accurately. The presence of this age-old science was found in different cultures like Indian, Chinese, Greece etc. There are different number calculation systems used in Numerology but the most popular one is the Pythagorean system which was named after great Mathematician and Philosopher Pythagoras, who is considered as Father of Numerology.

Wondering how can Numerology help us.
  • • It helps us to know the real potential within us
  • • It makes us aware of our own strengths and weaknesses
  • • Helps us to take better decisions in our life.
  • • It helps us in name Selection for more positive vibrations
  • • It helps to choose a right life partner for a happy life also right business partner for great financial success.
  • • It helps us to select right date/ time/ month to start any important thing.
  • • Full Numerological Life Report (Covers Personal Analysis, Education, Career, Marriage, Finance, Health, Family Life, Lucky Numbers, colors, Indication of Strong Period and weak Period in a Year, necessary precautions to be taken, Name Vibration check)
  • • Monthly, Yearly Numerological Prediction
  • • Special Yearly Numerological Report on Career, Health, Personal Relationships.
  • • Numerological Chart Making
  • • Selection of Newborn Baby’s name
  • • Selection of Company, Brand, Logo, Film, TV Serial as per Numerology
  • • Name Correction for Better Future
  • • Numerological consultancy for selection of career, Professional Growth.
  • • Match Making as per Numerology
  • • Numerological guide for better relationship